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Clear maps to bring your ideas to life

A beautiful map is worth a thousand words


Hi! My name is Antoine Breyne.

I'm an independent cartographer, geomatician and founder of Map Invasion.

As a geographer with a Master's degree in geopolitics from the University of Reims, I worked for the Ministry of the Armed Forces for 8 years. Integrated into the pole specialized in cartography, I produced numerous maps and spatial analyzes on most regions of the world. I like to make beautiful maps that add real value to your project.

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Diploms and Certificates

You have an idea? You have data?
I'll make you a map.

Map Invasion can illustrate your articles, conferences, or to carry out spatial analyzes of your data to understand better your business and improve your processes.

I can do maps for magazines, websites, newspapers, articles, urbanism, environment associations, companies, protection of nature, Youtube channels...

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Geopolitical Maps

Situation monitoring, spatial representation, analysis of data and chronological animation.

Map Invasion worked on the majority of the regions and conflicts in the world.

I also create

Climate maps

Climate Maps

Visualise climate change, natural disasters and their impacts on their environment.

Urbanism maps

Urbanism Maps

Analysis and visualisation of data on urban areas, including demography, land use, transport and infrastructure, to provide information for urban planning and development.

Maps for business

Business Maps

Analyse your data, provide information on location, customer behaviour and market trends to help you make decisions or promoting your company.

Benefits of working with me

Happy Clients

Xavier photo.jpg
"Antoine was able to produce intuitive and relevant maps that perfectly meet the requirements of a specialized publication, as well as animations offering a perfect rendering for my videos. Fast and efficient work that was also noticed by my community...a big THANKS!"

Xavier TYTELMAN, Editor-in-chief at Air & Cosmos, aero-defense consultant and youtuber

Tell me more about your request

Unleash the power of maps and unlock possibilities for your project or business. Request your custom map today and let me help you visualize your ideas. Fill out our contact form and take the first step towards achieving your goals.

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Antoine Breyne

+33 6 99 54 90 70

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Thank you! We will process your request and get back to you soon.

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